Painting with a College Loser

final pics!

this first one was actually for my wind ensemble director because he retired at the end of this year (and i just gave it to him today). so everything in it is relevant to him.

this turned out SO much better than my final senior exhibition work (to the online world, we’re going to pretend it didn’t happen since it really wasn’t even close to being up to my standards. yes, it still exists, yes, i’m still keeping all of it. but the online world doesn’t get to see it). 

the last one was my attempt at simple surrealism. 

this one started out as a representation of the constant stress i’ve been under this semester (this one actually gets a title: “infinite time constraint”). but then, i watched one of the music videos for a song for the fault in our stars movie and i realized that it fits the main concept in the movie (and book). one line says “i’m so happy for our little infinity” but because of the cancer, their little infinity is constrained. that’s also how i picked the background color (i even had to go buy a new tube of paint for it since you can’t mix a cerulean blue out of ultramarine).

in other news, graduation was today. and i’ve hit the massive “now what?” and no, i don’t have an answer. i have a few possibilities though. and i already miss all of the art faculty.



I’m speaking for myself only, of course.

Except you’re basically right.

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Toyin’s Art Assignment is JUST AS GIF HAPPY AS YOU ARE, TUMBLR!

She wants you to create a GIF that depicts something intimate and indispensable to you. You can use drawing (as Toyin does) or painting or photographs or video or whatever you want, but that’s the assignment.

If you participate in the assignment, use the tag theartassignment so we see your stuff. Thanks to Toyin, who is a brilliant artist, for this excellent and tumblrtastic assignment.

top three - progress pics

bottom - final image

so i guess it’s done? i think? i hope so anyway…i had a lot of fun doing this one. i’m still not really sure if i can call it “impressionistic” though…well, whatever it is, it was fun to do and i like it :D

impressionism still life update: inspirations/help

ok, so here are some images that have helped me with this still life.

Still life with blue vase
Sandhya Shetty
Oil paintings

(source: )

TeaTime- impressionist still life -- Maryanne Jacobsen

(source: )

these are the two main images that i was looking at/studying to see what i needed to do or what i could do in my attempt at an impressionistic still life.

Open Studio still life update

holy cow it felt good to paint again! note to future self: don’t let yourself paint/art when on vacations. it’ll feel so much better when you go back to it then.

anyway, progress so far on still life #1. going for impressionism on this one. i’m not really sure i can call what i’ve done so far “impressionistic” but whatever it is, i like it.

this one is due friday (as in about 4 days) so more progress pics before then and the final image will be up either sometime friday or saturday.

i will also post some images that i have been looking at for help/inspiration later.

next still life will be me attempting surrealism. 

i can’t remember if i’ve posted about this or not but whatever

is there some conspiracy against fantasy stuff in the fine art world? (when i say “fine art world” i mean stuff put up in galleries and museums) cuz i really don’t understand. why is it such a bad thing and/or why is fantasy stuff so frowned upon in galleries?

yay reference pics!!

so this is the set up i have for still life #1. i’ll most likely be using the last pic as the main (if not only) reference.

now i just have the issue of picking what style i want to paint this in…main issue: i really like detail and this set has a lot that i could do (and would LOVE to do) so that makes me think surrealism, but at the same time, i feel like it isn’t weird enough to fall into surrealism? i’m so bad at this. XP

any thoughts, input, opinions, etc. are appreciated :)

Open Studio!!

Ok, so here’s the plan for the semester in open studio:

  • different style painting still life #1 (try a different style while practicing still life. most likely options for styles are impressionism, surrealism, and pointillism) - try to finish by Feb. 14 (if not, stretch it to spring break)
  • different style painting still life #2 (one of the other options not tried yet from above) - only if first painting is finished around Feb. 14. If the other is done, finish this one by spring break

during spring break

  • get reference pics for final two still life paintings (in normal realism style)
  • get images for senior exhibition project from corresponding video (more about that in a later post - once it gets approved)
  • buy canvases for exhibition piece
  • start exhibition pieces

after spring break

  • work like a mad woman to finish (about) 4 paintings for exhibition project by the end of March
  • install senior exhibition show in first week of April (roughly)
  • do last two still life paintings - finish by the end of semester
  • try not to die of insanity (most important part)

so yeah, there’s my schedule for the semester for open studio. just think, this is only (technically) for one class. and i have 19 credits worth of classes this semester XD